My View of Issues Facing America


The never-ending cost of Illegal Aliens as of 9/11/19 is in excess of $ 130 billion dollars Since January 2019. Now these same States and cities are paying for Health Care “using our Tax Dollar” for Illegals for Free Health Care, Food, Clothing, Housing, Free Education and more. As We the People are ignored, why would you allow anyone who has literally invaded your home, be given more rights than you have. What of the thousands of people who came here legally, have done everything by the book to become Citizens, did it step by step, waited for years to become a United States Citizen, and democrats  have told them, you are no longer important we can’t control you since you may vote Republican. The Only Cure as I see to this problem is to follow the rule of law. Stop trying to circumvent the law as Democrats continue to do. Use our laws of Sovereignty by doing so, we will not only solve the communism push of democrats, it will also aid in bringing back rule of law across the United States.



(I am Pro-Life). This eight-letter word is the difference between Life and Death, there is no gray area. I have, as a Vietnam Veteran seen death very close and very personal. I have held a dying child in my arms because the enemy at that time didn’t care, much like the democrats are doing right now. The child died because someone else decided to play God. I feel like many others that abortion has become the new birth control in the U.S., To take an infant after birth to a janitorial room to die, to harvest organs of an aborted infant to sell on the black market is beyond unforgivable. But yet, “We The People” have allow this.  As a Congressmen I will vote against Abortion. Are there exceptions, yes there must be, if the child is in crisis in the womb and threatens the life of the Mother, can you as a human make that decision for that Mother (No) you do not have that right, this is a sole decision of the Mother. If the woman has been raped, was it her fault that a man with evil intent took away her rights as a woman as a human, does anyone have the right to tell her that she cannot abort (No) Again we do not have that right, it is her decision we weren’t raped she was. Incest is something I cannot begin to view as okay, I qualify this as I do rape, we again do not have the right to tell her yes or no. The Last one is Molestation, as generally it happens to a teenager or even an infant as do Muslims take children as brides. I cannot and will never Condon molestation of any kind for any reason in America, I believe the punishment should be as harsh as committing murder.



I have walked the streets and talked to the homeless, we have much in common, I have been homeless in my life, I was sleeping in my car until it was towed for expired tags. I was then unsheltered and living by the beach in California, because there were public bathrooms I could use. I lost my dignity and would have lost me as a person if it wasn’t for help from strangers. I understand now that as time has passed, I too would have become mentally unstable as many on the streets are now. Have we given up on them ? or perhaps the homeless have given up on us they no longer trust society, This may be why homeless become mentally unstable from living on the streets for years at a time violence has become a way of life, being looked down on, being given tents rather than help to become a part of We The People, but it appears that democrats never have time to be realistic and look for answers. there are many who want to help or say they want to help the homeless but let us all be realistic look inside ourselves and be truthful you do not want them in your backyard. My view is temporary, but it will give us time to find the right solutions. I worked in Transportation as a studio driver, We had what was called a honey wagon, toilets on wheels when out filming, we also used trailers which we called star wagons, a trailer with room to sleep a temporary home with comforts of being a home on wheels all self-contained easily moved and has its own generator when needed. In that time using temporary homes, will give Republicans time to solve the homeless problem, something very close to me, a problem I know I can solve with the help of other Congress people who are also running with ideas to solve the homeless problems, take a close look at a plan put out by candidate Christopher Engles titles the R2Program, which I believe needs to be looked at closely I say this as it’s not about me or even another person, it’s about solving problems and I gladly accept help and advice from others whom I believe they also want to help save America.


Voting Rights

Only American Citizens Registered with a voter Photo identification card will only be able to vote, we suffer from voter fraud, and ballot stuffing which is legal it appears in California and other states. Illegals who have entered this country by hiking, coyote, swimming across or any method of eluding law enforcement have no rights to vote, regardless whether or not a Sanctuary city has given a them a driver license even though they do not speak English nor understand English or read road signs written in English but they are given driver license, and then use them to vote illegally which has been the democratic way of getting votes, it is not only against Federal law, its against the very principal of democracy, you cannot travel to any country and simply be handed a drivers license or any legal document, therefore my question is why are these Sanctuary states and cities allowed to continue to ignore Federal Law, and decide to create their own laws city by city or state by state. Local laws for each state are of their own body of state rules and regulations and local laws, but they cannot continue to ignore Federal Law, which Democrats continue to applaud and allow States to violate Federal laws and regulations, placing themselves above the laws framed by our forefathers. As your Congressmen this will be changed, it must be changed before we are no longer able to have freedom.