Meet Paul Jones

Candidate for Congress - California District 38

Paul I. Jones (born November 3rd, 1949, in Chicago, Illinois) is currently running as a Candidate for a Congressional seat for the 117th United States Congress. In the California 38th district as a Republican Candidate for the November 2020 Elections.

I entered the Marine Corp at age, seventeen with seven other guys, we were all standing in front of a juvenile court Judge, for fighting, You see I ran my neighborhood, however we only fought with our fists no weapons, although a fist could be classified as a combat weapon, should you ask the Democratic side. In the front of the courtroom stood a gentlemen with a badge, in the rear of the court was a Marine Recruiter, needless to say, we eight went to the back, our parents signed the paper work, we were tested, physical, and sworn in that day, put on a bus, taken to the O’Hare airport put on a United Airlines Flight and landed at San Diego that night.

One of the many things I came to understand in the Marines was that We are all brothers, it did not matter what color your skin was, we were and still are to this day. A better understanding of duty to Country, Faith in God, in family and in myself. All these things I speak of are within us, too many Americans have lost their morality, listening to false information, not taking time to check what has been said, it’s one of my jobs to educate America about what goes on in Our Government. We have for the first time in years, to make a change, to bring back The America many of us grew up with.

After boot camp and jungle training, I celebrated my 18th Birthday heading to Vietnam.  I spent twenty-two months there, almost 2 complete tours.  Perhaps with being in war is why I believe so strongly in Pro Life. When one sees death first hand you find a different set of beliefs in God, and of the souls he watches over.

When I’m elected, and I say when not if, it is my goal to bring the VA healthcare to it’s knees, force them to be transparent, to be accountable for the $170 billion dollars of Tax payers money.  I want to know where the once 1200 VA hospitals have gone to, were they sold? who were they sold to? how much did the VA receive for these sales? are they still listed as assets on the VA balance sheet?

My bio is not the standard you find on political websites, I believe in structure, but I find it difficult to adhere to the same old boring formats, of candidates who simply follow the rest, I’m not like the rest, I’m me! I’m the person that doesn’t have Millions to spend on a campaign, mine as with many other Vets running for office, built around talking to the people not talking at them, as I have seen with many others running for Public Office.

I have attended many classes on how to run for office, including many online, the questions regardless of the class, are always the same, Am I the right person?, the logical choice?, What do I have to offer?, We The People, Am I grounded in Principles?, how would I govern?, Am I Emotionally capable to stand and fight for my Principles?, and of course do I have the right message?. So, I’m going to answer those questions.

Let’s start with

1. Am I the right person for the job; Yes I am, I’m not rich or famous, I grew up on the streets of Chicago in the 60’s, My Father at the time was one of Richard Daily’s friends, which is where I learned about Politician’s. Chicago in the 60’s was managed by Daley and folks from the influential side of town. I have grown up with Politics, always on the watching side, I understand the cruel and corrupt side, I feel it has become far worse than anyone was ever expecting, which I blame on, We The People. We saw it and thought that someone else would take care of the problem, it didn’t happen. Now we are faced with either freedom or socialism. By 2020 of election year it could be the start of a civil war on American Soil. My Job must be to bringing America Back to God, and We the People. by continuing the work of Donald Trump, We The People will be able to stem the tide of destruction.

2. Am I the Logical choice; Again, Yes, I am you, One of, We the People. Logic tells us that when we take the time to ask questions, to look in more than one single place for the logical answer, it’s amazing logic has won again. example, the taking of a life without logic, is simply genocide. The logic continues, Another example, of continued logic is when you are a victim of the VA healthcare system, logic says there should be just as with any government branch, what the constitution calls, “Checks and Balances” something that is lacking in the VA Healthcare system, and also seems to be in the current congress, logic tells us that although given an executive order to be transparent but also account for the 170 billion given to the VA by Tax Payer Funds, Logic tells me to ask what happened to the 1200 VA hospitals that we once used, question, were they sold ? If so where did the money go? what were these compounds sold for? who bought them? are there any still listed on the asset sheet? Logic says why are we not getting answers to logical questions.

3. What do I have to offer to, We The People; I grew up on the streets of Chicago, which gave me a solid footing with understanding the streets, I have been Homeless, first living in my car, then when the car was towed away for expired tags I was literally on the streets. I understand what it’s like not knowing where your next meal is coming from, then there were few, now there are thousands upon thousands, and that’s just downtown Los Angeles. We have many buildings that are abandon, Houses, commercial buildings, VA repossessions, Tax confiscations, in short with the help of those that are homeless, those that want a new start, could use their skills to reclaim those buildings, the buildings that, We The People continue to pay for out of our taxes. I Am Not A Politician, never was and never will be, unlike the current people in control who are career politicians or the ones that hide in the background, I believe that anyone running for Congress, or Senate should stand and answer questions in front of, We The People, both personal and political, We must know who we are putting in power over us, I am, that person who has no problem with full transparency.

4. Am I grounded in Principals, I have been told I was dead a few times now, Vietnam, ICU on life support with 95% of my lungs filled with fluids,  Respiratory failure and each time God sent me back, My Principals are grounded in faith, and I feel that each day is a gift from God, I have seen Some of America attack Christianity, People in Congress decided to remove “in God We Trust”, from the swearing in process. Schools that allow other factions to be taught in schools, but not prayer, this too must change, and will change.

5. How would I govern; it’s a simple answer Govern by, We the People, not allowing foreign policies to be instituted into our Constitution, remove the influences of radical left from our schools. Talk to, We The People. With the Technology we now have, it isn’t hard to do a weekly broadcast and talk to people. The Presidents have done it for years, why not Senate and Congress take the time every week to talk to the people and answer questions, make sure, We The People have the opportunity to know that you are human, that you are an elected official who works for the people, not for your own personal gain, or refuse to explain what law you are purposing and why, I can do this.

6. Am I Emotionally capable to stand for my principles, I have had to stand for my Principles all my life, from Vietnam to present day, with your faith nothing is impossible.

7. Do I have the right message? Yes, I Do!