Paul Jones for Congress

Republican Candidate for California District 38

Welcome to my home page I’m running for California 38th Congressional District

I’m told that my homepage should be interesting, lets give this a try.

How about I ask all of you some questions, as all my answers to these questions are in my bio which you may read.

Question: Do you feel that the promises made are promises kept?

Question: Do you have a view on immigration that you wish to state?

Question: Do you have an option on Abortion and why?

Question: Do you fully understand what the job of a congress person is?

I’m looking forward to reading your feelings on these 4 questions.

I have spent years being that person that spent time in front of a keyboard, I would complain, get angry, cuss at the screen, and then I became involved in Veterans Health care, or should state the lack of health care. As I am also a disabled veteran I started my personal fight against the Veterans Administration and after three years I had gained nothing, I then decided that I could make a difference for Veterans in Congress, and here I am, fighting for Veterans and all people who feel they do not have a voice. I am that voice, I do not come from millions of dollars, I come from where you are, and I know I have a better understanding of what we the people need as I am one of you.